What Is Dental Implant Restoration?

Tooth loss can affect not only your oral health and confidence to smile but your general health too.

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Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Read on in this blog from Titletown Dental to learn more about sedation. 

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Is Pain After A Root Canal Normal?

Considering that a tooth infection could already cause a lot of pain, you may not be too excited to find out that you’ll continue to feel a bit of discomfort even after you get it treated.

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Can You Get Dental Implants If You Have Bone Loss?‍

If you lack sufficient bone structure, there won’t be enough support to hold the implants in place. Read on in this blog from Titletown Dental to find out how you can become a candidate for dental implants despite lacking bone support.

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Options for Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Whether you have congenitally missing teeth or you’ve suffered from tooth decay or dental trauma, missing a tooth can make life more difficult. Chewing, speaking, and maintaining a visually appealing smile are things we often take for granted but become a huge hassle when you’re suddenly down a tooth.

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How to Avoid Dry Socket After an Extraction

No one wants to hear the news that they’ve developed the dreaded dry socket after a tooth extraction. However, it sometimes happens, especially after the removal of wisdom teeth. While dry socket is incredibly rare, only occurring in about 2-5% of people, it’s crucial to recognize the symptoms so you can get treatment in the event it happens to you. 

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How To Manage Your Dental Anxiety – Our Top Tips & Advice

Dental anxiety is very common. By some estimates, 50-80% of adults in America have some level of anxiety about dental care. Most people have mild dental anxiety that doesn’t stop them from getting care, but severe dental anxiety can make it difficult to keep your mouth healthy.

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Welcome to Titletown Dental!

Dr. Schmidt’s love for dentistry and patient care goes all the way back to his early high school years when he spent a summer working as a dental assistant. Naturally drawn to smiles and helping others, he immediately knew that a career in dentistry would be the perfect fit for him and never looked back! 

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