Is Pain After A Root Canal Normal?

Considering that a tooth infection could already cause a lot of pain, you may not be too excited to find out that you’ll continue to feel a bit of discomfort even after you get it treated.

Feeling a bit of pain and discomfort after a root canal is perfectly normal. For starters, it is a major procedure that involves cleaning out all infected tissue from inside the tooth, including down the canals. This can irritate the nerves and tissues slightly, but you’ll be happy to know the symptoms will go away quickly.

Keep reading this short blog post to understand what you may experience after getting a root canal.

Pain After the Procedure: Minor to Mild

Pain levels after a root canal are generally not very severe, nor do they last a long time.

Right after the procedure, you will likely still be under the effects of the anesthetic, so you will not feel any pain or discomfort for the next few hours.

When the anesthesia wears off, the tooth can become a bit sensitive to heat and cold, and you may experience a toothache. This is a sign that your body is healing after the procedure and generally not a cause for concern.

You will likely be prescribed some over-the-counter pain medication to help with any discomfort and swelling. Most people can effectively manage their symptoms this way and generally go back to normal a few days after the procedure.

Severe Infections May Need More Time

You should also know that in some cases, the tooth may not be effectively treated in just one session. For example, if the infection is severe, Dr. Sam Schmidt may apply an antibiotic right in the tooth and seal it with a temporary filling. The antibiotic will fight the infection, after which your tooth will be ready to be thoroughly cleaned.

But as the antibiotic fights the infection, you will likely feel more pain and even experience swelling. It’s impossible to say how much since it generally depends on how the body responds to the treatment.

When Is Pain After a Root Canal a Problem?

Root canal pain should decrease with time, meaning that the more time passes, the less pain should be felt.

However, if your symptoms are not going away and even seem to be getting worse, contact Dr. Sam Schmidt right away. Recurring pain could be a sign of a complication or bacteria present, in which case the tooth may need another cleaning.

Need a Root Canal? We Can Help

A tooth infection is a serious oral health issue that is even considered a dental emergency. If you think your tooth is infected and needs a root canal, Green Bay dentist Dr. Sam Schmidt at Titletown Dental can help restore your oral health.

Call the Titletown Dental team at (920) 399-0428 if you require immediate care, or book a regular appointment online.

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